Bloomsbury Epistemology Group



Welcome to the Bloomsbury Epistemology Group!

These meetings are intended to provide philosophers in (or around) London an opportunity to discuss their ideas with an intimate group of epistemologically-inclined individuals. At each meeting one person presents a work in progress to the group for feedback. These presentations may be formal (e.g., powerpoint, handouts, tuxedos, whatever) or informal (e.g., talking through a new idea before a paper is written). Speakers may or may not circulate a paper in advance. 

Our meetings are typically held on Mondays at 4pm on a fortnightly basis, and each meeting is expected to run until about 5:30pm.  These meetings are held on the second floor of the Senate House in Bloomsbury (hence the group's name). Meetings in February and March will be in room 280, while meetings in April will be in room 246. 

Our speakers:
Feb 12. Alison Hills (Oxford) 
Feb 26. Ofra Magidor (Oxford)
Mar 12. Kurt Sylvan (Southampton)
Mar 26. Rachel Fraser (Cambridge)
April 16.  Ian James Kidd (Nottingham)
April 30. Georgi Gardiner (Oxford)

If you would like to join our mailing list and participate in our meetings, please email me at:

This group is made possible by the generous support of the Institute of Philosophy