Deputy Director, Institute of Philosophy, University of London

Curriculum Vitae


2017 -            Deputy Director, Institute of Philosophy, University of London  
2017 -            Visiting Research Fellow, Knowledgeable Democracy Project, VU Amsterdam      
2017 -            Fellow in Philosophy, New College of the Humanities 

2016 - 17       Bader Postdoctoral Researcher, Queen’s University       
2013 - 16       Postdoctoral Researcher, Varieties of Understanding Project, Fordham University 

2013              Ph.D., University of Cambridge, King’s College      
                     Thesis: A Practical Explication of Knowledge                          

2009             M.Phil., University of Cambridge, King’s College   
                     Thesis: Ethical Intuitionism and Ethical Justification

2007             B.A., York University
                     Summa Cum Laude

Visiting Scholar 
2017              Stanford University (Supervisor: Krista Lawlor) 
2012              Rutgers University (Supervisor: Ernest Sosa) 
2010              Arché, University of St. Andrews (Supervisor: Jessica Brown)

Areas of Specialization:  Epistemology and Philosophy of Language 
Areas of Competence:  Ethics and Cognitive Science

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Thought Experimenting on Knowledge 
2018             American Philosophical Association (Central Division). Chicago, IL
2017             Canadian Philosophical Association. Toronto, ON

Why Purists Should Be Skeptics
2018             The Epistemic Significance of the Non-Epistemic. Osnabrück, Germany
2017             New Trends in Epistemology Workshop. Hamburg, Germany
2017             Bloomsbury Epistemology Group. London, UK

What’s the Point of Understanding?
2018             American Philosophical Association (Eastern Division). Savannah, GA
2017             Bled Epistemology Conference. Bled, Slovenia
2017             York University Speaker Series. Toronto, ON
2016             Cambridge Faculty Workshop. Cambridge, UK
2016             Summer Seminar on Understanding. New York, NY
2016             Concepts and Cognition Lab. Berkeley, CA                           

Knowledge in a Post Truth World
2017             Delft University of Technology. Delft, Holland
2017             Manchester Political Theory Conference. Manchester, UK

Intuition, Reflection, and Experimental Philosophy
2016             Buffalo Experimental Philosophy Conference. Buffalo, NY

The Importance of Knowledge Ascriptions
2015             Epistemology Workshop. Helsinki, Finland

Skepticism about Meta-skepticism: Meditations on Experimental Philosophy
2015             Buffalo Experimental Philosophy Conference. Buffalo, NY       

Assertion, Action, and Context (w/ Robin McKenna)
2015             Joint Session of Mind and Aristotelian Society. Warwick, UK

A Solution to Knowledge’s Threshold Problem
2015             American Philosophical Association (Pacific Division). Vancouver, BC
2015             Society for Exact Philosophy. Hamilton, ON
2014             Virginia Philosophical Association. Washington and Lee University, VA

The Purpose and Semantics of Knowledge Ascriptions
2014             American Philosophical Association (Eastern Division). Philadelphia, PA
2014             Central States Philosophical Association. Evanston, IL
2014             New England Philosophical Association. Dartmouth, MA

The Universal Core of Knowledge
2014             Buffalo Experimental Philosophy Conference. Buffalo, NY   
2013             NYU Philosophy of Language Workshop. New York, NY     

Stabilizing Knowledge
2013             The Roles of Knowledge. Cambridge, UK                                
2013             Midsummer Philosophy Workshop. Edinburgh, Scotland  

Is Knowledge True Belief Plus Adequate Information?
2013             American Philosophical Association (Eastern Division). Baltimore, MD
2013             Edinburgh Epistemology Conference. Edinburgh, Scotland
2013             Sources of Knowledge. Vienna, Austria

The Practical Origins of Epistemic Contextualism
2012             Hebrew University Philosophy Conference. Jerusalem, Israel
2012             European Epistemology Network. Bologna, Italy                                             

2018             British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award
2012-           Conference Grants: Aristotelian Society (x2), Mind (x2), Applied Philosophy
2010             SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship
2008            Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Masters Scholarship          
2008            Joseph-Armand Bombardier Master’s Scholarship
2008            Ontario Graduate Master’s Scholarship          
2007             York University Faculty of Arts Essay Prize              
2007             Melissa J. Knauer Essay Prize (best essay in feminism) 

ACADEMIC SERVICE                                                                   
Referee, Analysis, Australasian Journal of Philosophy (x5), Canadian Journal of Philosophy (x3), Dialectica, Episteme (x2), Erkenntnis (x2), Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Journal of Philosophical Research, Mind and Language, Oxford University Press, Philosophical Papers, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (x2), Philosophical Psychology, Philosophical Quarterly (x2), Philosophical Studies, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, Public Affairs Quarterly, Ratio (x2), and Synthese (x9)

Founding Organizer, Bloomsbury Epistemology Group , London, UK, 2017-2018
Co-organizer, Political Epistemology Conference, London, UK, 2018
Co-organizer, MANCEPT Workshop on “Facts, Knowledge, and Political Disagreement”. Manchester, UK, 2018
Organizer, Understanding Summer Seminar, New York, NY. 2016
Co-organizer, Varieties of Understanding Capstone Conference, New York, NY, 2016
Co-organizer, Varieties of Understanding Midpoint Conference, New York, NY, 2015
Co-organizer, The Roles of Knowledge Workshop, Cambridge, UK, 2013
Organizing Chair, Cambridge Philosophy Graduate Seminar, 2011-12