Deputy Director, Institute of Philosophy, University of London


Current Research

What's the Point of Knowledge? 

(Under contract with Oxford University Press)

I am writing a book about the nature, purpose, and value of knowledge, titled What's the Point of Knowledge?  Here is a synopsis.  

What's the Point of Understanding? 

In a paper titled "What's the Point of Understanding?"  I argue that knowledge is more central to our epistemic life than understanding. 

Relatedly, for three years I managed the $4.5 million Varieties of Understanding grant directed by Stephen Grimm. I also organized a Summer Seminar on Understanding in New York City. 

Why Purists Should Be Skeptics

Fallibilism and purism are two of the most orthodox ideas in epistemology. In fact, the combination of these views has been called the ‘ho-hum,’ obvious, traditional view of knowledge. But I argue that fallibilism and purism are incompatible. It follows that the orthodox, traditional, obvious, ‘ho-hum’ view of knowledge is deeply mistaken. 

The Role of Truth in Politics

I am at the early stages of writing a book about the role of truth in politics. Much has been written about the post-truth world of fake news, dodgy experts, and “alternative facts.” But in the current crisis over truth, journalists and academic commentators have ignored recent epistemological insights about the nature of disagreement and the dark side of doubt. This book explores the role and value of truth, the question of which informational sources we should trust, and moral questions about who is accountable for combating fake news. 


Drafts available upon request of all work under review.