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I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Nottingham.

I am also a Visiting Research Fellow on the ‘Knowledgeable Democracy’ project in Amsterdam, as well as an Honorary Fellow at the Institute of Philosophy in London. I hold a British Academy Rising Star Award for a project on 'The Role of Truth in Politics'. This allowed me to create the Political Epistemology Network. I received my PhD from the University of Cambridge (King’s College).

Oxford University Press just published my book, What's the Point of Knowledge?

My next book is tentatively titled How Politics Makes Us Stupid. It is intended for wide readership and impact beyond academia.

You can learn more about my research here

I’m also the Director of Postgradute Admissions for Philosophy at Nottingham. If you’d like to apply for our MA or PhD programme, I’m happy to chat!

Upcoming Talks

Political Disagreement or Parsitan Badmouthing?
Epistemic Norms for the New Public Sphere, Warwick University. Sept 2019
American Philosophical Association. Philadelphia, PA. January 2020

Empathetic Understanding and Deliberative Democracy
Understanding and Knowledge, Warwick University. April 2020

Skepticism: Impractical, Therefore False
Glasgow Workshop on Functionalism in Epistemology. Sept 2019

Public Engagement

Post-Truth Politics in the Pub
How the Light Gets In
Tate Exchange

Photo by J. J. Ichikawa

Photo by J. J. Ichikawa